A Ferry Journey to Shikoku and Kyushu

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A Ferry Journey to Shikoku and Kyushu


Medium- to long-distance car ferries to Shikoku and Kyushu operated by three companies have been in service at Osaka Nanko, which handles about 1.5 million passengers each year. In 1999, the Osaka Ferry Association made up of the various ferry companies, formed “Osaka Car Ferry Activities Association” in cooperation with Osaka Port Corporation, which is the main managing organization for the terminal, and is engaged in various activities for promoting use of ferries. Our efforts in reducing CO2 emissions for environmental protection are attracting attention as a means for land to maritime transport (modal shift).
When travelling from Osaka to Shikoku or Kyushu, you can board a ferry departing in the evening and arrive at Shikoku or Kyushu the next morning.

Shikoku is a natural wonder surrounded by azure seas and full of verdant mountains.
Kyushu enjoys a warm climate and a pristine natural environment as well as many of the best hot springs in Japan.


Are there parking facilities in Osaka Nanko?

Yes, we have parking facilities in Osaka Nanko.

Enter the round-about intersection in front of the Osaka Nanko terminal building and then simply turn left. Its parking capacity is about 50 cars.

I would like to make a ferry booking….

We are not a booking center. Please contact the booking center of the ferry company.

Are meals available?

There are shops in Osaka Nanko and Sunflower terminal and there is a restaurant on board.

Are there coin lockers?

Both Osaka Nanko and the Sunflower terminal have coin operated lockers. \300, \400 and \600 lockers are available depending on the size of your luggage.


Places of interest near to Osaka Nanko

USJ, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (largest aquarium in the world), the Tenpozan Market Place with all sorts of shops , and in particular, Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho (restaurants in the style of Osaka downtown from the 1960s).

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We cannot guarantee that English-speaking personnel will be available at all times in the booking center of each company.

Please refer to the homepage of the ferry company for details regarding operating conditions.
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